Bar/Mat Mitzvahs

Our experienced motion picture videographers will bring a unique, cinematic approach to filming your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and B'nai Mitzvah. In each case, we capture the emotions of the Jewish passage into "adulthood" from the perspective of everyone present, from the children and their friends to the parents and grand parents. Our premier motion picture videographers understand that a Bar and Bat Mitzvah is not only an important rite of passage, but it is also a celebration of faith. Our Mitzvah videos focus on the symbolism and emotions expressed on this very special day and are custom-made to showcase the unique personality of the Mitzvah boy or girl. Hours are spent on the editing floor to ensure each detail shines through, such as the twinkle in Grandpa's eye as he recites the Motzi over the challah, Grandma hugging her grandchild as she gets to light her candle, Mom and Dad as they toast their child's accomplishment, and the total joy on your child's face as he/she is being raised to the ceiling on a chair during the Horah. Mazel Tov!